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You’re in the “Write” Place!

Hey y’all! Welcome to K. Alexandra Writes, a place to develop your best writer, educator, and influencer- together! With a host of skills and resources now at your disposal, I want to help you cultivate, create, and critique your projects with an engaging and empathetic eye. Whether for the classroom, the boardroom, or for your eyes only, let’s make sure every project you complete is one to celebrate.

Who is K. Alexandra?

I am a Motown made and Southern raised educator, writer, and activist. In 2012, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from Tougaloo College, and my MFA in Creative Writing, concentrating in Poetry, from Long Island University, Brooklyn in 2014. From 2015 to the present day, I have been both writing and teaching in the K-12 sector

Wearing many hats, I pride myself on existing between the sweet spots of English teacher, professional storyteller , editor, and freelance writer. I love not only developing my own voice amongst the community of BIPOC writers that have influenced our worldview and storyscape, but helping others do so as well!